How To Set Up A Raw Food Kitchen

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Raw food expert Lisa Wilson shows you how to set up a raw food kitchen including an overview of the basic tools and ingredients you will need.

    Lisa Wilson: Hi! I'm Lisa Wilson with the Raw Food Institute. We're talking about some essentials that you're going to want to start setting up your raw food kitchen, because you might get to those recipes and go, oh, I can't make that, I don't have that; oh, I don't have that. So I think all of these things, each one of these pieces of equipment is absolutely necessary for a healthy kitchen. Start thinking about your kitchen as your pharmacy. So the first essential item for your raw food kitchen will be the food dehydrator. Now a dehydrator is basically a box with a fan, that's it. Right up here we've got our temperature gauge. We never take at the Raw Food Institute above 105, because then we are certain that we have preserved all of the living enzymes. So we haven't taken a peek at the inside before, it's just the layer of trays. These trays I'm going to put things like my already soaked and sprouted seeds and nuts. So like my pumpkin seeds, my sunflower seeds, my cashews, all of them I bring from a dormant state to a living state putting them in here. Okay, I think right here I'm standing between the two pieces of equipment that are definitely the most essential two pieces of equipment in your raw healthy kitchen. So I'm going to jump right over here and start with the juice machine. Now the juice machine, this is the most common question that I always get asked: what's the difference between a Vita-Mix or a high-speed blender and a juice machine? The juice machine extracts the juice from the fiber, so you're going to see the juice coming right out the front and the fiber goes out the back. All right! Jumping over here to the Vita-Mix machine. The Vita-Mix, you're going to be putting in your vegetables, for example, your pepper, your cucumber, your celery, your sprouts, your green vegetables, and you also need a base or a liquid. So you might be putting in green tea, you might be putting in green juice; you might be putting in water. You're going to blend this, breaking it down to the cellular level. We're using it to break down the most medicinal parts of the plant, that being the skins and the seeds. Your third piece of equipment is going to be your food processor. It's just going to save you a bunch of time when you have those chopped salads. But what I really like to use it for is a lot of the raw food ingredients are going to have mock rice. Well, what's mock rice? Mock rice is going to be made out of vegetables. It might be jicama, it might be cauliflower. We're just going to throw it in here, chunk it up, and when you're done, I'm telling you, it looks just like rice. So then you can make some of your more Asian dishes with your mock rice recipe. Loads of fun! Got to have this!

    Item number four will be your Mandolin, and I will have to say this is a non-essential kitchen item, but it's going to add that element of fun. So I have my flat blade, this is a zucchini, and you just make little slices, and you can probably see the little slice of zucchini, flat zucchini coming out the bottom. And it's as simple as changing the blade, and I can then make little matchstick-size pieces. So when I'm making an Asian dish and I want a mock noodle, this will give me that nice matchstick piece that I like. So I love this! And item number 5, again, it's not a necessary piece in the raw kitchen, but certainly super-fun. So I'm going to attach my zucchini; you could be using squash, you might have jicama or something like that, and this little round piece goes into the round piece on your Spirooli. I'm just going to attach it and just spin, again, another arm workout here. This is for making mock noodles. Check out these gorgeous noodles that are coming out. I'm telling you this easier than boiling water and then you can do a really nice raw sauce in your food processor or in your Vita-Mix machine. I like to do a pesto or a pepper sauce or a nice marinara. All veggies, so much fun! So there you have it, your essentials for a healthy kitchen. I really hope that you've enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy taking your health to the highest level. Thank you for watching.