How to Set Up an Artificial Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Quinn with discusses how to properly set up an artificial Christmas tree.

    Bill Quinn: Hi, my name is Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme. Today we are talking about how to select the perfect artificial tree Christmas tree for your home. We have ordered the tree, it's showing up early Christmas, now we are going to set the Christmas tree up, and these are going to be the important things that you are going to make sure that you have. First we want to have scissors to open the box. Second we want to have a good pair of gloves. Why do we want to have gloves? The tree is going to have lots of little needles and very similar to paper cuts. If you don't have gloves you can get little paper cuts also you want to wear a long sleeves. And with that let's open up our new Christmas tree.

    We want to be very careful as we are cutting along just make sure that we only cut the tape and not cut into the box particularly if we have a Prelit tree if you are not careful you can slice one of the power cords and your prelit tree is not going to work properly. As with many of the tree manufacturers this tree is actually double-boxed, so it's a little bit more work to do to get it out. Let's talk about the most important piece of your tree as far as the stability and whether it sits up perfectly straight is the stand. Most of the stands that you are going to find are going to have - are be an X-style stand or they are put together in some variant of this and the most important thing that we want do is sit it down on a surface that we know is flat and we want to test to make sure that we don't have wobbly table syndrome. Going to a restaurant and you sit down on and the table starts to wobble and you try to stop it from wobbling. Same thing can happen with you Christmas tree. So I am going to take eye bolt and I am going to insert it into the hole just get it started and now I have the stand now it won't fold back on itself, and this is also the component that holds the tree in place while it's sitting in the stand and again we know the stand is leveled.

    The other important piece to inspect is to make sure that on the bottom of the tree, that we have a little washer and the reason why this is important is that, that the tree will come through and a portion of the pole will stick out the bottom of the stand maybe I don't know maybe a quarter of an inch. What that is doing is that's making sure of that the bottom of the tree is held tight and then about four inches up is held tight. So, now that we have talked about the stand, let's go back and set up our tree.

    We fluff the bottom section, then you are fluffing by making that star fish shape. Then we move to section 'C' do the same thing fluff to check the lights. Now we are ready to put on section 'B'. Again take the in-cap off, and we will seat the tree into section 'C. The essence of the tree is beginning to come out. This tree is a very unique. It has pine cones and it has grape vine. We are very close to being complete. We have one last section, section 'A' to put on the tree. And again I am going to have the cords going to the back. Now the top section of all of these trees is unique in general because on the top we need to be able to move the branches laterally rather than just moving it up and down. We need to move the branches laterally in order to fill up the space. So our tree is set up. Now let's talk about how to fill in the holes. We did a high level fluffing, now we want to go through and find particular holes and fill those up. We have a hole, approximately here, so what we will do, is we are bending branches that are above the hole to the side of the hole and bringing those branches directly into the hole. Now we have successfully closed our hole. We have set up the Christmas tree, all of our lights work, we have got it fluffed. We have fluffed out some of the empty spaces and as you see this is the kind of the essence style tree. One of the things that you want to make sure that you do after we have set up the tree and we are done with the gloves, make sure you go wash your hands with warm soap and water to get any of the plastic stuff that was in the tree off of your hands.

    Next we are going to talk about how to take down this Christmas tree and properly store it for the spring, summer and fall months.