How To Shop For A Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss shares his tips for buying the perfect Christmas tree and demonstrates how to keep it as fresh as possible.

    William Moss: The season is upon us and people are starting to look for Christmas trees. Before you make your purchase there are a few things to review. Let's talk Christmas trees.

    There are several different types of Christmas trees you can choose from. If you want ones that are going to be fragrant, then choose the Balsam Firs or some of the Concolor Firs or others. If you just want that really deep green color, then having a Spruce will work as well. If you want something that's going to have softer needles that won't stick quite as much then look for a Scotch pine.

    Now second let's talk selection. When you're in a Christmas tree lot, you want to make sure you get one as fresh as possible. Run your hand along the branches. If the needles are falling off easily in your hand, that means the tree is probably an old one, it's been cut for a quite while and it may be dry.

    So you don't want to take that tree, get one that's fresh. The fresher trees are going to have more fragrance; they'll also be more vibrant and last longer in your house. So make sure you choose one that's in good shape and has been freshly cut.

    And that brings us to maintenance. When you bring a Christmas tree home, sit it in a large bucket or a large tub full of water and let it soak up as much moisture as it can. Be sure that you have a sturdy plant stand that has a deep water well in it and keep a steady supply of water so that the tree doesn't dry out.

    Dry trees are flammable and it can grow up really fast, but if you keep the tree moist, not only will it look great, but the fragrance stays as well. With these you'll be able to select a perfect Christmas tree and keep it beautiful all season. Happy holidays!