How To Shop For Cat Toys

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Allison Howard with the Cat Fanciers Association discusses the importance of playtime with your cat and how to shop for cat toys.

    Allison Howard: Hi! I am Allison with the Cat Fanciers Associations. For a cat owner one of the best things about attending most cat shows is access to a plethora of vendors selling varieties of toys for every type of cat. Playtime with your cat is essential to their health and well-being. Toys that stimulate your cat hunting instincts will provide them with necessary exercise to maintain a healthy weight, busy balls, shiny teaser toys, and lasers will all encourage your cat to run, bounce, and burn plenty of energy.

    As a safety precaution a laser toy should never be aimed into a cat's face or eyes. Toys with prey attached and mice's filled with catnip are especially attractive to most cats. Did you know that 2/3 of cat react catnip? After playing with catnip filled toys cats can exhibits reactions ranging from purring and rubbing to vigorously rolling, growling, and leaping into the air. A member of mint family related to herbs such as time and sage, catnip is a mild stimulant. However, catnip is all natural and perfectly safe for the use in playtime with your cat. Although most toys designed for cats are save keep a few things in mind when shopping for your kitty. Make sure your chosen toy has nothing that can stick them or parts that can accidently be swallowed. Be mindful of sharp edges, pins, string and other objects that can be potentially harmful. Most of all choose toys that you and your cat will enjoy playing with together. Playtime provides you with the opportunity to interact and bond with your cat. So, explore different toy options the next time you visit a cat show or a pet store.