How to Shop for Clothing Online

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Towe, L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Clothing and Equipment specialist, demonstrates how to shop for clothing online.

    Greg Towe: Hi! I am Greg Towe with L.

    L. Bean, Outdoor Clothing and Equipment specialist. Today I will be showing you how to order clothing online. First I will be helping you familiarize yourself with your product selection. We want to go through sizing and fit charts. Next we will talk about fitting for men, then we will go into have to accurately measure for women. Next we will go into kids clothing to make sure that our children have the right sizes as well. Then we will go into the checkout process and the shopping basket. Finally, we will talk about shipping methods and payment options.

    So, you dont need too much to get started, just a computer, an Internet connection, a measuring tape, a credit card and probably your address book. When shopping online you want to make sure you are shopping with the company that has a trusted name brand, has an established website that clearly states it's policies in relation to returns, exchanges and credit card safety. For example, L.

    L. Bean is a company that has an established website and a fairly liberal return policy. So, before we get started let me tell you a little bit about myself.

    I have been with L.

    L. Bean for three years in a couple of different capacities, in multiple store environments. L.

    L. Bean is a company that has been around since 1912 specializing in outdoor gear and women, men and kids apparel. L.

    L. Bean offers its customers three different ways to shop, online, through our catalog and in our retail stores. We have been highly ranked in customer service across the board and we are recently rated the number one online apparel website. So, now lets get started. I am going to show you how to order clothes online.