How to Show a Cat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Cook Henry of the ‘The Cat Fanciers Association’ shows us how to show a cat.

    Susan Cook Henry: Hi, I'm Susan Cook Henry. I represent the 'The Cat Fanciers Association'. I'm going to be telling you about how to show a cat? First, you'll need to get ready to show your cat doing things that it makes it easier for both you and your cat. Next, we talk about how to enter a cat in the show? And the ways to go about that and how to find help? And next, you'll need to prepare your surprise for the show. You'll be surprised how man things you might need to get organized. Next, it will be the morning of the show; there are certain things you'll need to do to prepare your cat cosmetically to get ready to go into a judging ring. First, you'll need to organize yourself for the trip to the show hall and for checking in. Next, it's showtime. How do I get my cat to the ring? What do all those ribbons mean? When is it okay to take my cat down? When the show goes on, as you find certain cats that meet their physical standard for the breed earn points towards their champion and grand champion titles.

    If you're showing a household pet, your cat's physical condition and personality will go a long way towards winning the judge's hearts. You'll find information at your cage on upcoming shows in your area. And, if it's a two day show they'll be heading to the hotel. It's a good idea to visit a cat show to understand the procedure and learn what you might expect. A Pet carrier is a must. There are number of grooming tool you are going to need, plus, you're going to need fabric to decorate your cat's cage. For safety reasons, you'll need to be sure your cat's claws are clipped prior to coming to the show. This is of course for your safety, but, as well as that of the judges. You'll also need to practice handling your cat the way a judge would, so that the procedure is not so much as a surprise to your cat. Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about my experience in the Cat Fancy. I have been a breeder and exhibitor of Persian cat's for all even 40 years. I've had the honor of exhibiting a number of kittens and cats to top national wins. Also, one of our cats was awarded the procedures best in show award at the CFA International Show. So, do you have a potential star at home? You'll need to know exactly what to do and what it takes to make a star? I'm got a show you the way, let's get started, I'm getting a cat ready to show.