How To Shut Off The Main Water Supply

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rachel Hirshorn tells you how to safely shut of the main water supply.

    Rachel Hirshorn: If you are having a plumbing repair or a pipe suddenly bursts and starts spewing water throughout your house, you'll need to know how to shut off the main water supply in your home fast! I'm Rachel Hirshorn for Repair.

    com and here is how to shut off your home's water supply.

    First, locate the main shutoff valve. We recommend that you find it now while you're calm and there isn't an immediate threat of severe water damage so you'll be prepared when there is.

    The valve is usually located where the water line comes into your house. If you live somewhere warm, the valve is usually outside the house near the water meter. If you live in a colder location, the best place to look is in your home's basement or crawlspace.

    If your home was built on a slab, try looking in the garage or utility closet; you might find it near the hot water heater. If your water comes from a ground well, find the valves on either side of the pressure tank.

    Shutting off the water is simple; just turn the handle on the valve clockwise until you can't move it any further. If you can't find the shutoff valve or if the valve looks broken, call a qualified professional to lend a hand.

    When it's time to turn the water back on, just do the opposite motion, turn the handle counter-clockwise. After turning your water supply back on go to each faucet and slowly turn them on to empty those plumbing lines of built-up air. Slow is the secret. If you open the faucets too quickly, the water will spurt out and create a big mess.

    Our final tip is straight from the experts. Once a year, set aside 5 minutes to test your home's shutoff valve so you're sure it'll work without sticking when you need it most. For more helpful tips and advice for maintaining your home, visit us at Repair.