How To Slice Strawberries

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to slice strawberries.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you now how to clean and slice a strawberry. Strawberries have a beautiful green top on nice fresh berries.

    Don't cut off the top like a lot of people do where you lose so much berry. Use a little device called a tomato shark. We're going to slip it right down under the leaves of the strawberry, and pull it right off like that. That way, we don't lose all that beautiful strawberry up at the top. That's how you take the core off at the top of strawberry.

    Now to slice it, we're just going to take our paring knife, and slice it lengthwise. If you decide, you want to slice it a different way for some reason; you can certainly slice it crosswise just as well, just like that. That's how you slice a strawberry.

    Up next, how to chop strawberries.

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