How to Snow Tube

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Rudy Strickland of Wintergreen Resort explains the basics of this fun and easy winter activity alternative to skiing and snowboarding.

    Rudy Strickland: Hi! I am Rudy Strickland, Lift Operations and Events Center Manager here at Wintergreen Resort. I am here today to show you how to tube. Tubing is a sport that is easy to do. All you need is a tube. We have tubes that are especially manufactured just for snow tubing, but you can actually just take a tube from a tractor or a truck and slide down the hill.

    I would recommend that you sit on the tube with your bottom inside the tube, going feet first. It's much safer to go down that way than it is lying on your stomach. I especially manufacture tubes that are specifically made for snow tubing, have a line yard attached to them which could be substituted for your tube at home with just a rope. The line yard or your rope would make the tube much easier to carry back up the hill. You want to make sure that your line yard or your rope is inside your tube, so it doesn't drag while going down the hill.

    There are no brakes on snow tubes, so you need to make sure that you have a clear path with an uphill incline to slow you down, and always make sure that your path is clear of obstructions and dangers. For safety sake, always make sure that you tube with a buddy, besides it's always more fun with two. Another tip would be to make sure that you are wearing appropriate clothing to keep you warm and dry while tubing. Water proof snow pants, jackets, and gloves are always recommend. Don't forget your hat. Here at Wintergreen snow tubing park, The Plunge, we have 12 lanes, each lane consisting of 930 feet of snow tubing fun. We accommodate about 50,000 tubers every year. The lanes are made by a special groomer that cuts the lanes 3 inches wider than the tube on each side. So there's less play with inside the lane for the tube. In years gone past, you'd have just walked up but now you can just ride a conveyor up to the top. Our conveyor at The Plunge is 440 feet long. There we have it, the fundamentals of snow tubing. It's a fun, easy, winter activity and remember any one can slide.