How to Speak in Public

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Most people fear speaking in public more than death. In this video, Sean McArdle gives tips for becoming a more effective public speaker.

    Sean McArdle: Hi, my name is Sean McArdle and over the last 15 years through my company Life Answers, I have made more than a thousand keynote speeches. Stop and think about it that is a lot of people to talk to. It is an interesting thing about public speaking, you see they say that most people fear it more than death, which means that you would actually rather be the corpse at a funeral than the person delivering the eulogy.

    I don t believe that that is true. I believe that inside of everybody has a desire to be heard, a desire to communicate, a desire to get their ideas across and if you can become a more effective public speaker you should. So, today we are going to get into some of the ideas behind how you become an effective public speaker and give you a few simple tips you can use to become a better public speaker today.