How to Stimulate the Economy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wondering where that economic stimulus package came from? Curious how to get yours? Need an idea of how to spend it? Find all your answers here!

    Matthew Lesko: Does the economy have your budget down in the dumps? Then your budget just needs to be stipulated, perhaps in the form of free money from the government. For the last seven years I have been working on the biggest free money program in the history of America. I have been submitting all the paperwork to get every working American free money. I went through all the W-2s, the online dating profiles, the personal records and even Facebook profiles of every working American all to get you free money.

    How do I get it?

    Here is how. If you have a valid Social Security Number and $3000 of income and you have filled out your 2007 tax return you qualify. The IRS takes care of the rest. Individuals can receive up to a $600 and married couples up to $1200 of free money.

    Speaker: But when will I get it?

    Matthew Lesko: Here are the dates. If your tax return was direct deposited to your account and your Social Security Number ends in 00-20 it's deposited May 2nd. Social Security Numbers ending in 21-75 you get it May 9th, 76-99 you get it May 16th. If you get a paper check for your return you will also be getting a check mailed to you for your free money. Social Security Numbers ending in 00-09 your check will be mailed by May 16th. For numbers ending in 10-18 they will be mailed by 23rd, 19-25 by May 30th and 26-38 by June 6th and vis-s-vis 39-51 June 13th and 52-63 June 20th and 64-75 the 27th of June and listen the 76-87 numbers they get it on July 4th. This is America's Independence Day. and for 88-99 it's July 11th. For any questions go to

    Speaker: I just got my free money but now what do I do with it?

    Matthew Lesko: Use your free money to buy a new car. Speaker: Sweet.

    Matthew Lesko: Or how about a brand new house? Speaker: It's a live-in. Matthew Lesko: Or ever better a great book by a talented author and learn how to get more free money.

    Speaker: Thanks Mr. Lesko.

    Matthew Lesko: You are welcome America, you have been stimulated.

    Speaker: Matthew Lesko did not actually have any part in developing our Economics Stimulus Package. However the provided information on dates and payments is correct and was taken directly from IRS website. Please go to for more information. Enjoy your free money America.