How to Stop Headaches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet, M.D. discusses how to stop headaches.

    Dr. Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet: Hi, I am Dr. Jacqueline Eghrari-Sabet, founder of Family Asthma & Allergy Care. Today, we are going to talk about headaches. We are going to answer the questions that you have all been asking of what is a headache. We will talk about the types of headaches; from mild annoyances to life threatening headaches. I will cover some of the treatment options, some which are right there at home. Lastly, we will talk about triggers that are in your environment.

    Today, we are in my office where I have been practicing for over 15 years. I see all types of patients who come in to seek help for their headaches. Now, its your turn. So, lets get started. The first question is what is a headache? Well the good news is its not a bruised brain or a broken skull. The pain that comes from your head is from things that lead to your head, like blood vessels, an increase blood flow will cause pain, or tight muscles around your head and your neck will cause pain. The nerves that are in and around your head and your neck can cause pain and lastly, the meningitis, which is the wrapping around the pain, can cause the pain we know as headaches.

    So, now you know what a headache is, lets go talk about the types of headaches, and see if you can figure out which one you have.

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