How to Style Short Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Mary Clendaniel discusses how to style short hair.

    Mary Clendaniel: I am Mary Clendaniel, the Director of the specialist program for PR at Partners. Today, we are going to show you three different ways to style your short haircut. We will start with a day time Audrie Hepburn Crop that's full of shine and sleekness and move that into a more rock-n-roll texture for going out at night and take that more fun while texture and move it into something more formal, a softer up-do look.

    For a shiny Audrie Hepburn Crop, we will start with a moisturizing styling cream, we will finish the hair with a shiny pomade and then a liquid shine to polish it off. For a night on the town textured hair, we will use a light styling spray, a strong hold hair spray and a matte dry pomade. For our short hair updo, we will use strong hold hair spray, a strong matte pomade and a spray shine.

    The tools that we will use throughout the video are a blow dryer with a nozzle, a curling iron, that's about three quarters of an inch wide, a standard comb and a wide tooth comb and bobby pins.

    I am the Director of the specialist program with PR at Partners. I have been with the company for 9 years and it's my job to make sure that as a company, we are tailoring all of our hair cuts and colors to the individual. So let's get started with our first look, the Audrie Hepburn Crop.