How to Surf

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Surfing instructor Owen Mulford breaks down the basics of surfing.

    Owen Mulford

    Casey Mulford and Owen Mulford – Co-Founders of Billabong’s OC Groms Surf School, Ocean City, MD OC Groms Surf School was started in 2004 and from that time we have given over 2,000 lessons to children and adults of all ages. OC Groms Surf School specializes in teaching basic fundamentals of surfing, surf etiquette, water safety, and general ocean knowledge for the novice and for the more seasoned surfer, OC Groms teaches the finer nuances of surfing as well. As an instructor myself, I have been teaching surfing for 8 years and have instilled the passion of surfing into thousands of campers. All our instructors are CPR and first aid certified and have been teaching for many years themselves. If you take a surf lesson, make sure the counselors are properly trained in life saving procedures.

    Hi I'm Owen with Billabongs OC ground surf camp, headquartered K-Coast Surf Shop, 35th street, in Ocean City, Maryland. OC Ground has been around for four years teaching surf camps since 2004. Our motto is we are so good we can teach your mother to surf. Today, we are going to be learning how to surf, and we are going to overview a few basic points. First is safety, second we are going learn how to pop up and ride the wave correctly into the beach. We are going to learn about proper body positioning, paddling and learning the parts of the board that are necessary to choosing the board that's right for you. In order to learn all these points today, we are going to need a few things, first you will need a surfboard, second of all you are going to need to leash, a bar of wax and a wax comb. If you don't have any of these items already you can check them out at your local surf shop or online. After we have all the materials we need to start today we can begin our surf learning experience, its important that we have a safe time while doing so, we want to know how to carry the board appropriately, we want to know how to be safe out in the water, avoid other people and obstructions out in the water, in the beach. Once we have everything together we know how to be safe. We can go ahead and get wet, and have a great time. Hang loose, Shaka brah!