How To Take Great Fishing Photos

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Debbie Hanson of B’ASS Fisher Women provides the top tips for taking great fishing photos.

    Debbie Hanson: Hi, I am Debbie Hanson, professional angler and outdoor blogger. And today I am going to give you a few quick tips for taking great fishing photos, because we all know if there is no evidence, it didn't happened.

    First what you want to do is ask the anglers to remove their hats or use the camera's fill-flash to avoid dark shadowy faces. Another thing you want to be mindful of is unnecessary objects in the background of the photo. So remove any soda cans, bright orange, life preservers or the backs of other anglers.

    Another thing to keep in mind is to get some unique angles, shoot vertically, shoot horizontally, stand on top of something or stoop down a little bit to capture that great shot.

    Also, make sure your lucky fishing shirts are colorful ones, so they stand out and contrast against the white of the boat deck. And finally, when you are holding the fish, hold it out and away from your body so it appears more true to size and all the color and natural beauty in the fish can be seen.

    So those are just a few tips for taking some great fishing photos. Tight lines and happy fishing!