How to Talk to a Friend Who Has Lost Their Job – What Not to Say

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Elaine Swann with Everyday Style discusses how to talk to a friend who has lost their job.

    Elaine Swann: Hi, I am Elaine Swann with Everyday Style. Today, we are going to discuss how to talk to a jobless friend. We got 3 key points that we are going to go over today. Our first point is, What not to say to a friend whos lost their job The second thing we will talk about today is, What you should say to a friend And finally, we will discuss what you should not do if you are the person who has lost your job. Well before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been researching and teaching etiquette for over a decade now to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Its my goal to get folks in the twenty first century to approach everything they do with grace and style. So lets get started.

    Our first tip is on, What not to say if your friend has lost their job First and foremost; do not constantly ask them Have you found a job yet? Thats the one thing that can put that person despair because they are constantly looking for a job, and you asking them doesnt help the situation at all. One phrase you want to avoid saying is, It will be alright! because to that person until they find a job, its not going to be alright. Dont develop the Survivor Syndrome. This is when you start feeling guilty and becoming worried thinking that you are next. Nothing else will happen except that the both of you will end up in despair.

    Now we have talked about some things that you should not talk about with a friend whos lost their job. Next, we are going to discuss some topics that are perfectly fine to discuss with your friend whos lost their job.

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