How to Talk to Your Doctor About Embarrassing Problems

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Russell Greenfield encourages you to not feel shy about discussing personal issues with your health care provider.

    Dr. Russell Greenfield: Okay, you've got a health issue, but it's well kind of personal. You would like to speak with your doctor about it, but you're uncomfortable with the idea, even embarrassed, what can you do? Keep in mind that your doctor is a healthcare professional which means first, they are at your service to help you without judgment and second, to be honest with you, they've already heard just about everything before. What maybe absolutely modifying to you is something they address in their practice frequently, are generally comfortable with and does not affect their opinion of you.

    Once you have achieved peace with presenting your problem to the doctor, be sure to ask everything you need to know. Having overcome your initial discomfort you don't want to leave the doctor's office with incomplete information, a situation that could potentially make you even more anxious then before. Bring notes if you have to, but make sure all your questions are answered. Your doctor should be your partner in heeling, a professional, you can voice any concern to and didn't exchange, receive helpful information and needed treatment. A good physician will make you feel at ease discussing any health issue, even the most private of them. If your doctor simply isn't that kind of person, it's likely time to find a new doctor. I'm Dr. Russ. Be Well!