How to Talk to Your Parents About Moving to a Senior Living Facility

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Summer Hammerle of Emeritus Senior Living will provide strategies for talking to a parent about a move from their home to a senior living community. Specific topics include tips on how to start the conversation, how to ease the parent’s fears, what to watch for when touring a community, how to involve the parent in the planning, and how to approach the decision process.

    Summer Hammerle: Hello, I am Summer Hammerle from Emeritus Senior Living. Today I am going to help you navigate one of the most crucial conversations you can have with the parent, How to talk to them about a move to a Senior Living Community. We all want to stay in our homes for as long as we can. Most seniors are able to stay in their homes for years, with a relatively small amount of help. Then gradually it may become more difficult for them.

    Once you are sure that a move is in their best interest, the process needs to be handled delicately and gradually. They may not be aware of the realities and dangers of staying at home, once their health starts to decline. One of the big worries for seniors is that they don't want to be a burden in any way to their children. They don't want their children to have to pay for this move, or worry about visiting them, once they are in a new place.

    They also may not understand what senior living options exist nowadays, and all the benefits that the senior living communities can offer them. It's important to get these things up on the table and discuss the various options you and your parent have available.

    This information will help start the conversation with your loved one.