How To Test Your Driving Skills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA poses four true or false questions to test if your driving skills are as up to date as they should be.

    William Van Tassel: By the year 2030, one in every five drivers in America will be age 65 or older. Most of them driving for years but they may not have kept up with changes in the art and science of driving. Here are four true or false questions that will test whether your driving knowledge is up-to-date. True or false? The recommended hand position on the steering wheel is at 10 and 2. False. With the widespread availability of power steering and the chance of injury, if an air bag deploys, the new recommended hand position is at 9 and 3 or 8 and 4. True or false? In dry conditions, drivers of cars without anti-lock brakes should pump the brakes in a panic stop situation. False. Drivers with anti-lock brakes should firmly squeeze the brake pedal until just before the tire's lock up. True or false? If you experience a tire blow-out, you should firmly apply the brakes immediately to reduce speed. False. Driver should remove their foot from the gas pedal but stay off the brakes as possible. Braking hard in this situation could create a difference in traction that can result in a dangerous spin off. True or false? To regain traction when the rear of your vehicle begins to skid, you should gently apply the brakes. False again. If you apply the brakes when your rear tires begin to skid, you actually lose rear tire traction by shifting weight forward, instead concentrate on continuing to look and steer where you want to go. If you got more questions of your own than you expected, it might be time to roll in a driver improvement course to bring your driving knowledge back up-to-date.