How to Text Message for Free on the iPhone 3G

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    iPhone expert Joshua Dubois demonstrates how to text message for free on the iPhone 3G.

    Josh Dubois: Hi, I am Josh Dubois. Today we are talking about the 3G iPhone and the Software Release 2.0.

    Here is how to send text messages for free. Download AIM, then do an AIM screen name. This will take a second, but don't worry. Next, go into IM, make sure that you are signed in, and at the bottom right click, Ims, then click new. Now enter your friend's mobile phone number. This will tell AIM that it's a SMS message to send.

    Then in the typing field, type in your message just like you would with the text message and then when you are done typing that message, hit send. We have another iPhone over to the right that we are sending it to. There it goes, and there it comes. It looks a little bit weird, but you can reply and you will get it right back in your AIM.

    Now it does cost the person receiving the messages here. It does cost them text messages, but look how quick it comes back to you in your AIM, sweet, free text messaging.