How to Texturize Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Bruce Johnson of Avatar Salon demonstrates a process of relaxing hair called texturizing.

    Bruce Johnson: Hi! My name is Bruce Johnson. Today, at Avatar Salon in Silver Spring, Maryland, we are going to be doing a process of relaxing hair called texturizing. This is my lovely model, Leslie, and the supplies I am going to be using to do a texturizer is a rat tail comb, tint brush, a marked relaxer, cream base, neutralizing shampoo, a reconstructed conditioner, blow drier, flat bar, and a wide tooth comb. A lot of people are confuse with what texturizing is and it's not a particular product as much as it is a process of relaxing the hair. We don't take the hair bone straight. We kind of intercept it at a half-way point. So we release the natural curl of the hair without taking all the integrity out of the hair. In today's video, I am going to be covering the pre-treatment process; the actual application of the chemical in the hair and then I will be showing you how to work the chemicals through the hair and then it will be time to rinse the actual chemical out of the hair. And then I will go through a process of neutralizing the actual chemical and then conditioning the chemical. And then finally, I will do a nice finish style where you see all the body, integrity of the hair gets from being texturized. One of the most important parts of the chemical process is draping and the client should be draped so that none of the product is able to get on to our clothes or anything. Here at Avatar, we have been here for ten years and our goal, our main goal is to aim to suit your every need, whether it's hair, skin, body, and nails. Now let's get started.