How To Thin Seedlings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates simple tricks that make Spring weeding easier.

    William Moss: You are planning to spring crops a couple a weeks ago and they are well sprouted. Now comes the hard part. Today, we are talking thinning. You have to thin your seedlings. They each need the proper amount of space to develop fully.

    What we are working on today is some head lettuce, some iceberg lettuce. And if I leave them close together, they will never grow and form the heads that I want to be able to harmless. So in order for my plants to develop the right way, they have got to have the right amount of space. And that means that these seedlings have to be thin.

    You want to take them out when the leaves start to touch and you can see these guys are really falling all over each other.

    The one good thing about thinning your spring crops is that you can eat them all. So all this lettuce will be made into a salad later and the ones to stay can go on and develop fully and turn into full heads.

    The best thing I found for the thinning has been a pair of small short scissors. That allows me to get in and cut into visual plants without straying over and cutting down several others.

    So by using these thin scissors and also I have found to easy to use my bare fingers, so I can feel rather than having gloves on at this point, it's easier to take this seedlings out and get the proper spacing that I need on.

    So I know it's tough, I know it's hard, but you have got to get in there and thin those seedlings if you are going to have your fully developed produce. Plus, you get a bonus salad, get out and grow!