How to Throw Effective Basketball Passes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball player Arthur Jackson discusses basketball passing and how to throw effective basketball passes.

    Arthur Jackson: Hi, I am Arthur Jackson from One on One Basketball and today we are going to talk to you about passing the basketball. Passing is one of the most important skills in the game of Basketball, it's also one of the skills that's under practiced. So today we are going to talk to you all about your form, we are going to work with you on the chest pass, the bounce pass, the overhead passes and we will even give you some drills that you can go home and work on to make you a better basketball passer. Anytime you are going out to exercise or play basketball make sure that you wear some loose fitting clothes, make sure you warm up properly, do some good stretching especially when you are working on passing, make sure you get your hands nice and loose so that you don't jam any fingers. The great thing about this sport is all you really need is a basketball. If you have a basketball, you can go out and practice this and work on your passing skills.

    Just to tell you a little bit about One on One Basketball. One on One Basketball is an instructional company that's based in Washington DC. We have nine regional offices across the US. I tell you a little bit about myself. I played at Brown University, went on to play professionally over in Europe and I came back and I have coached the high school and college level. I have also given lectures in basketball across four of continents, in Europe, Africa, Australia and South America. So let's get ready and work on some passing and help you become a better basketball player.