How to Tie a Tie – Half Windsor Knot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Men’s fashion expert Ethan Drath demonstrates how to tie a tie using the Half Windsor knot.

    Ethan Drath

    Ethan is an owner and founder of Sherman Pickey. The store has been a Washington DC staple for classic men's and women's clothing since its opening in 2003. Ethan has been fashion minded since his early days and honed his skills while working at Ralph Lauren for several years. As for tie tying, Ethan spent over 11 years of his childhood tying one every day for school and naturally, perfected the art while at Ralph Lauren.

    Hi! I am Jerome Bishop from Sherman Pickey, Washington, D.

    C. Today, I am going to show you how to tie a tie.

    This particular tie is called the Half Windsor.

    First thing you want to do is you want to button up your top button, then you want to flip up your collar, go ahead and pick up your shirt tie; put it around your neck, kind of pull it back and forth to get it to even. Go ahead; flip your collar down, then you want to pull the wide-angle side of your tie at least a foot longer than the narrow end. Next you want to take the wide end and wrap it over top of the narrow end, bring it underneath, then bring it back through the top of the hole, then while its underneath you want to take the wide side of the tie, wrap it from right to left in front of the center hole there. You want to take it from the back side of the tie, pull it straight up and you want to send it through the center hole.

    Next important step is you want to get a dimple. What do you do that is you want to pinch the tie so use your index finger, give it a nice little pinch, straighten it up a little then pull it straight up to your neck.

    Final step, you want to take the shirt tie; you want to put it behind the keeper. There you are. Thats how you tie a Half Windsor.