How to Tie a Tie – Windsor Knot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Men’s fashion expert Ethan Drath demonstrates how to tie a tie using the Windsor knot.

    Ethan Drath

    Ethan is an owner and founder of Sherman Pickey. The store has been a Washington DC staple for classic men's and women's clothing since its opening in 2003. Ethan has been fashion minded since his early days and honed his skills while working at Ralph Lauren for several years. As for tie tying, Ethan spent over 11 years of his childhood tying one every day for school and naturally, perfected the art while at Ralph Lauren.

    Hi, I am Jerome Bishop from Sherman Pickey, Washington D.C. Today I'm going to show you how to tie a tie.

    This particular knot is called the Windsor Knot. First step, you want to button up your collar. Next, you want to pick up your shirt tie, make sure you have the right side, the wide angle of the tie towards your right hand, and you want to flip up your collar, place it inside in the collar. Then you can go ahead and flip down your collar, kind of even it out. Then you want to start with the wide end, at least about a foot wider or longer than the short end. Next, you want to take the wide end of the shirt tie in over the left, you want to come underneath and go above the loop, and take it back underneath. Next, you want to take it from right to left and crossover the knot. Then you go back over the top and through the center hole. At this point you want create a dimple, which is very important.

    You want to take your index finger and somewhat tighten up the tie a little and pinch it at the same time. You can spread out the top to give it a nice shape, and you want fasten it all the way to the neck. Next, you want to put the narrow end of the tie into the keeper of the tie. That's how you tie a Windsor knot.