How to Tie a Tie

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Men’s fashion expert Ethan Drath demonstrates how to tie a tie including the bow tie and various shirt tie knots such as the Windsor, Half Windsor and Four in Hand.

    Ethan Drath

    Ethan is an owner and founder of Sherman Pickey. The store has been a Washington DC staple for classic men's and women's clothing since its opening in 2003. Ethan has been fashion minded since his early days and honed his skills while working at Ralph Lauren for several years. As for tie tying, Ethan spent over 11 years of his childhood tying one every day for school and naturally, perfected the art while at Ralph Lauren.

    Hi, I am Ethan Drath at Sherman Pickey, retail clothing store located in Washington D.C. on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. We are a classic clothier for both men and women. I am one of the founders and creators of the store which has been in business for just about four years now. I have about 12 years total in retail and life time of experience tying ties beginning in about the third grade.

    I will be teaching you today, along with my colleague here, Durand Bishop, how to tie a tie.  We will cover four different tie knots starting with the four-in-a-hand, moving on to the bow tie, the Windsor knot and then the Half Windsor. All you are going to need for yourself is a shirt tie or bow tie  and perhaps a mirror. So, let us get started.