How to Tile your Floor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert contractor Mark Le Mon demonstrates how to tile your floor.

    Mark Le Mon: Hi, I am Mark Le Mon Project Manager and we are going to learn how to tile. Today we are going to be working on a floor.

    So before we start actually setting the tiles down the first thing I'd like to do is do a dry fit. So I place the tiles on the ground, get are my spacers, set the spacers in between the tiles, measure all my cuts. I do my cuts around the angles that I need to be done. Make sure that you have everything fixed neatly. You can't forget these spacers because they are very important when you are setting your tiles.

    So then after we get this set like this, get your corners, get ready, prepare to cut out corners. I washed down the floor, make sure we get all that dust off of there, just a quick sponge. In this case I am going to be using a 1/4 notched trowel, spreading evenly in a quarter moon pattern. Most important is to try to get as even of a job as possible. Around the closet. Okay we are going to be laying in our spacers and this will set that distance between tiles, keeping it uniform, set another spacer in the outside edge for temporary, press it in the place, give a pound, check it for fastness and continue on. Okay, alright we are going to finish this up here with a wet sponge, hand sponge to clean off any extra Thinset of the top of the tiles. Be very careful to get all of the excess, there is a bit of hardness. I'll have work to do cleaning it up. If you see that there is a lot of Thinset that's inside of your joints try to clean it as much as possible because you are going to need that for your grout stage.