How to Tint Car Windows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive Expert Laurence Streidel discusses the steps to tint car windows.

    Laurence Streidel: Hi! My name is Laurence Streidel. I am the owner of Winners Window Tint, Rockville, Maryland. Today, we are going to teach you how to tint your ride. In todays segments, I will be teaching you selecting film, cleaning your windows, cutting and installing a roll-down window, shrinking and installing a rear window, touch-ups, final cleaning, post-installation instructions and in last, final thoughts on tinting your ride. Now here are a few items that you are going to need to start with, when tinting your ride. First off, you are going to need spray bottle with about two droplets of Johnson's Baby Shampoo and water. You are also going to need a Teflon hard card, a yellow turbo squeegee, a 6 inch triumph scrapers, your OLFA knife and utmost important, a heat gun, not your mother's hair dryer. Just a quick safety note. Most importantly, make sure that all of your knives, blades, or any type of tools are out of the car, when you have completed your job.

    A little bit about myself. I have about 17 years of window film installation. I own three locations. I have been part of the International Window Film Association for 6 years. Now I think we are ready to get started on tinting your ride.