How to Trade-up Diamond Jewelry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diamond expert Ronnie Mervis discusses how to trade-up on diamond jewelry.

    Ronnie Mervis: Hello! This is Ronnie Mervis from Mervis Diamond Importers and we are going to talk about trade-ups.

    Trade-ups are a touchy subject. Some firms will take their merchandise back on a trade-up, most won't. Where do we stand on it, of course we will. Now at everything though, we will take back the center diamond in a diamond engagement ring and we will take back a pair of diamond stud earrings for a trade-up at any time on any other jewelry of your choice. There is no formula and there are no special conditions which apply.

    Our company will allow you to do this both for merchandise purchased in the store and for anything selected online; we don't distinguish. You should know however that most websites want to lie and don't return anything which is purchased online under any conditions not for return or exchange or anything else. Each store out there has its own policy, some will take goods back, some won't, some will have a formula, some will say you need to spend a certain amount more depending on whatever it was, all sorts of conditions; we have none of them.

    We have many clients who take frequent advantage of that. They are only too happy to bring whatever the item is back as and when financial conditions improve, when they receive a bonus, if he or she gets a promotion in the job and they are always willing to keep and bringing them back and moving up. And after all, it's a really good idea.

    For instance if you are looking for a pair of earrings and the budget will only allow you to select a 1 carat total weight pair but the real size of preference is 4 carats or 5 carats. Then get them now, don't wait, get them now, get in and whenever it suits you, you keep changing up. That's what people do with houses too. You can do that with your jewelry too.

    As a situation to be borne in mind when selecting your jeweler, think of that as an important consideration. And with that we are going to end, and I thank you very much for listening. Bye-bye.