How to Train for a Triathlon-Swim

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Lesley Williams, IronMan triathlete, gives tips on how to train for the swimming portion of a triathlon.

    Leslie Williams: Hi, I am Leslie Williams, a triathlete and I am here to teach you how to train for a Triathlon. This is the swim. Here in California we can swim in the ocean, it's beautiful, it is safe most of the time but you should always swim with a partner. The only thing you need for the swim besides the swimming suit which I have on under here is a wet suit. Wet suits are legal in Triathlon, in lakes, rivers and in the ocean, not in the pool. But I dont think there are any pool based Triathlon. You need yourself a swim cap and a pair of goggles. When you do pool swimming, you are doing interval training. It is a lot like training on the track when you train for the run but you are doing it in a pool and a proper training program can teach you exactly how you need to swim for the length of Triathlon that you have chosen to do.

    If you do a long Triathlon, you probably going to want to do some open water swimming. There are lots of clinics that are offered by Triathlon Clubs and swimming clubs. I suggest you look one up online, find one and sign up, so that you can learn the basics on open water swimming and a lot of people have the fear of swimming, again these clinics that are offered by Triathlon clubs and swimming clubs they will teach you the basics and really help you overcome your fear of swimming. It is a wonderful thing once you get used to the water and it just takes a little bit of time but I know you can do. You always, always, always swim with a partner, check in with the life guard and let people know where you are in case you get in trouble in the water and after the swim of course we are going to go try out that bike.