How to Train for a Triathlon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Triathlete Leslie Williams gives an introduction on how to train for Triathlon.

    Leslie Williams: Hi, I am Leslie Williams, a Triathlete and I am here to teach you how to train for Triathlon? We are going to go over the basics like what a Triathlon is? What the different distances are? How to pick a training plan? We are going to cover the individual segments of the Triathlon, the swim, the bike, the run and transition. We are going to cover the gear. For the swim you will most likely need a wetsuit, for the bike you are definitely going to need a bike and for the run you are going to need a really great pair of shoes. As we get further along in the video I will go through the gear in more detail.

    I also want to cover a few safety tips like always be ready for your work out, always train with a partner and always obey the rules of the road and we will get into more specific safety tips later on in this video. My experience of Triathlon is that I did an Iron Man last year, it was an amazing experience. I have been doing Triathlon for about four years and I am training for my second Iron Man this year and really looking forward to it. Now moving on we are going to get ready with some very important Triathlon basics.