How To Translate Military Skills Into Civilian Skills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    James Lander with Goodwill provides tips on how to translate military skills into civilian reintegration.

    James Lander: Hi, I am James Lander, National Program Manager for veterans and military family services with Goodwill Industries International. In an increasingly competitive economy businesses are seeking a highly trained, proven talent pool. Employers need uniquely skilled individuals who can find solutions under challenging circumstances and mission focus leaders who will positively contribute to the bottom-line. Everyday 500 military service members change out of their uniform and transition into civilian live. These exceptional veterans have proven talents and demonstrate leadership that will benefit the workforce. Across the country Goodwill hires more than a hundred veterans each month. These veterans allow us to rapidly grow our business and they provide valuable insight that helps us to bruise their military training into civilian work skills. It is critical that veterans are able to translate the full breath of their technical skills from military terminology into employer related context. This translation can ensure that employers recognize the value veterans bring to the workspace and the talent that they possess.

    It is vital that we focus on helping veterans find jobs and work with employers to identify qualified candidates, so that veterans can continue to fully contribute at home as they did during their military service. There is a range of online resources that can help veterans build their resumes and translate their military experience into context more familiar to civilian employers.

    Online resources include mynextmove.

    org, military.

    com, gotyour6.

    org and vetsuccess.

    gov. Although many companies already recognize the value of hiring veterans, it is critical that more businesses have partnerships and connections with numerous local employers. Goodwill works with employers seeing to recruit, retain and advance veterans in their civilian careers. Goodwill also helps employers navigate the issues, challenges and opportunities regarding hiring veterans. If you are a veteran who needs help translating your skills, connect with resources and organizations based in your community. These may include Goodwill, The United Way and Department of Veteran Affairs field service representatives. If you are an employer, I would encourage you to hire a veteran for your next job opening. You will quickly recognize a value veterans can deliver to your business, whether civilian or military, all Americans have a responsibility to empower and enable each other to live for filling, productive, and successful lives in healthy communities.