How to Treat an Unconscious Choking Victim

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    EMS Chip Myers demonstrates how to treat an unconscious choking victim.

    Chip Meyers: Hi, I am Chip Meyers with the Alexandria Fire Department and we are talking about CPR today. Earlier we showed you how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a conscious person who has an airway obstruction. Now, we are going to talk about what to do when somebody has a foreign body airway obstruction and they are unconscious. Alright, so we are going to talk about the A, B, C and D. Airway breathing circulation and defibrillation if needed. Start off with airway. We are going to come up. First we are going to shake and shout this person, Hey are you okay? You okay? We are going to see if we can their attention, wake them up at all. Alright, plus we can draw attention from anybody else who might be passing by. Next, we are going to open the airway the A, open the airway and we are going to look listen and feel. We are going to look at the chest, is the chest rising up and down. Do you feel any air exchange coming from their mouth? Do you hear anything? If they are not breathing we are going to deliver two breaths. Oh, my air didnt go in. So now I am going to try and reposition the head and try again. Just in case I didnt quite open the airway well enough. Still cant get the air in. So now I am going to position myself on the center of their chest in between the nipple line. I am going to press down a hard and fast at least going for rate of about a 100 compressions a minute. I am going to press down about an inch and half to two inches and I am going to 30 compressions. 30 compressions then back to two ventilations. Reposition, I am still not getting the air in.

    I still cant the air in. So I am going to come back and do another series of 30 compressions. I am going to keep doing that until all of a sudden that obstruction comes out. Oh, look at that all of a sudden we popped something out of the mouth when they started to vomit then I am going to rotate them on to their side, we rotate then this way, so you can see and I will sweep out anything out of the mouth. Sweep out all that material alright. Put them back on their back, again airway, breathing, circulation. Open the mouth. Look, listen and feel they are breathing. Two breaths went in. I get a nice expansion on the chest. Deliver the breath slowly over a second to a second-and-a-half. I am looking for any signs of circulation. Are they moving? Whether their eyes opening up or they start breathing on their own. If thats not going to occur then I am going to go into CPR which is what we will talk about next.