How to Trouble Shoot Problems with your Corn Snake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Reptile expert Holli Friedland demonstrates how to trouble shoot problems with a corn snake.

    Holli Friedland: I am Holli Friedland, Program Director of the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show and this is how to care for a Corn Snake. This segment, we are troubleshooting corn snake problems. One of the biggest problems with snakes is that they won't eat or they are eating the wrong kind of food. So what you can do in that case is to check your temperature and make sure that it's the right temperature. It should be in the low to mid 80s and to see if it's getting ready to shed. If its eyes are opaque or bluish in color then maybe it's going to shed and it doesn't want to eat.

    Also sometimes during breeding season they only have one thing on their mind and it's not food. Another problem which this snake has is when they don't shed in one piece. We have talked about the humidity box and if you don't have a humidity box you might end up with a snake that looks like this and you can do a couple different things in order to help them shed. One, is to put them in a container and soak them. Another one is to just put them in a wet pillowcase which is what we are going to do and leave them in that pillowcase and the water should be lukewarm. You put them in the wet pillowcase for about 15 minutes and as they move inside the pillowcase and try to get out, they will be rubbing their skin against the fabric of the pillowcase and that helps them shed.

    Also, sometimes snakes get problems like respiratory infections where they are wheezing or bubbles are coming out of their nose, this doesn't usually happen with corn snakes but it does happen with a lot of snakes. If you do have that problem it's going to require a vet visit. You should also have an annual checkup with your animal every year just as a wellness visit and it should be with a reputable reptile veterinarian. 15 minutes has passed and you can see all of the shed came off of him.

    Thank you for watching and I hope you learned something about corn snakes today.