How To Turn Off The Main Gas Supply

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rachel Hirshorn tells you how to safely turn off the main gas supply.

    Rachel Hirshorn: Turning off your home's main gas supply is a skill that you'll need to know if you plan on doing a major renovation project or replacing a gas appliance. It may also help you minimize damage in some emergencies. I'm Rachel Hirshorn for Repair.

    com with tips on how to access and turn off your home's main gas supply.

    Before we start, a word of caution, if you suspect a leak or smell gas, don't attempt to turn off the gas supply yourself. Get everyone out of the house and leave the door open behind you. Use a phone away from the building to call 911 and your gas utility provider to handle the potentially dangerous problem. Even the smallest spark can ignite the gas.

    The easiest way to locate the shutoff valve is to find your gas meter. Most meters and gas valves are located on the side or front of your house or in your home's breezeway.

    After you've located the meter, you'll need to locate the gas shutoff valve. You should see the gas line, and the gas shutoff valve is typically located about 6-8 inches off the ground on the line.

    The valve is controlled by a lever called a tang. It is a rectangular control switch that runs parallel with the rest of the piping when on. With a crescent-type wrench, turn the tang perpendicular to the gas line to shut if off.

    After turning off the gas supply, wait 5-10 minutes to allow remaining gas in the lines to clear out and disperse. Many gas appliances use electricity for some functions, so even one stray spark could lead to serious danger.

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