How to Turn Science Projects into Holiday Gifts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Porter Green from Curiosity Zone demonstrates how to turn science experiments into awesome holiday gifts.

    Mary Porter: Hi! I am Mary Porter Green from Curiosity Zone. Today I am going to show you how to turn science experiments into awesome holiday gifts. Today, I have two helpers with me, I have Carlson and Tyler and they are going to help me make a couple of really cool things. We are going to explore liquids and solids and the science of smell by making a home made air freshener, basically out of unflavored gelatin and some scents. Next, we are going to learn about super saturated solutions and crystals to make a awesome holiday ornament or gift hamper. After that we are going to learn about bubbles and how bubbles form and the gases that are in bubbles, and we are going to use some paint in the bubbles to make really cool bubble paper. Next, we are going to explore again the science of smells and also the science of mixture by making some mintie play dough. After that we are going to learn about acid-base reactions and make bubbly fizzy bath bombs. And finally, we are going to explore how chemical reaction can change a liquid into a solid by making some glittery sidewalk chalk.

    Not only are these great science experiments but all of these can be turned into fabulous holiday gifts for grandma, grandpa, your friends, your neighbors whoever and they are very inexpensive and fun to make. I am going to go over the materials that you are going to need for each of these experiments as we do them. But these are essentially things that you will either have in your home or easily can find either in your grocery store or the hardware store or the craft store. A word about safety, we at the Curiosity Zone always use materials that are relatively safe for children but you can never be too careful when you have little ones and so make sure that you supervise and are carefully attending your children as you go through all of these experiments because some of them use hot water and some of them involve kids blowing with straws et cetera. So we just want to make sure that kids stay really save using these experiments.

    Now before we get started, I would like to tell you a little bit more about Curiosity Zone. Curiosity Zone is a hands-on science center for curious kids we do all kinds of birthday parties, summer camps, classes and we have a toy store full of things that get kids really excited about science. We start at age 2 and we go all the way to age 11 and it's all about helping kids finding the science in their everyday world. So let's get started making some really cool holiday gifts while exploring science and chemistry.