How to Twist Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Pam Ferrell, owner of Cornrows & Co. Natural Hair Care, demonstrates how to do a twist style on natural hair.

    Pamela Ferrell: Hi, I am Pam Ferrell and I am the owner of Cornrows & Co. Natural Hair Care. Today, I am going to show you how to do a twist style on natural hair. First, I am going to show you how to comb out and blow dry wet natural hair. Then I will show you how to comb in section and do the partings for the twisted hair style.

    Now the nice thing about natural hair care is you don't need a lot of tools. To do the comb out, you need a large tooth thumb comb. To do your blow dry, you need a blow drier with a nozzle comb attachment. Then to actually do the twist, you will just need a small tooth comb or a rat tail comb and Clips.

    I first want to point out three things to you. When you do natural hair, you want to make sure that the hair is clean. It's important that the hair is clean, you don't have a lot of products on it. So that it doesn't weigh the hair down.

    The second thing you want to make sure you don't put excessive heat on the hair in between styling, because if you do that, then your ends are going to be stretched out and the natural curl will straighten where you won't have any body. The third you don't want to cut the hair into a laid cut or a blunt even cut because if it's cut, the twist will unravel on the ends.

    In 1980, my husband and I we opened Cornrows & Co. which was the first natural hair care and braiding salon in the country. I have authored four books on natural hair care and braiding. I am a licensed Cosmetologist, a registered Doctor of Naturopath, I am a specialist in hair loss and of course, my focus is wellness in natural hair care.

    So now, are you ready? Let's get started. We are going to first start out with how to section and comb out wet natural hair.