How to Upgrade to the iPhone 3G

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    iPhone expert Joshua Dubois demonstrates how to use an iPhone 3G.

    Joshua Dubois: Hi, I am Josh Dubois. Today we're talking about the 3G iPhone and the iPhone software 2.0. Right now we're going to talk about handing off your old iPhone and seeking your old contacts to your new iPhone, or iPhone 3G. When handing off your iPhone for privacy reasons, you want to erase everything from your old iPhone.

    To do this, you're going to want to go into Settings, into General, and then scroll down, hit the Reset button, and you're going to want to erase all contacts in Settings on your iPhone, and go ahead and hit that Erase button.

    Next, turn your iPhone off, and you're going to want to take out the SIM card. To take out your SIM card, you can either use a paper clip or a push pin. I found that a push pin was easier because some paper clips are a little oversize to fit in the hole, to push the SIM card out. So go ahead and push down into that hole. Pull out the casing that houses your SIM card. Now your old iPhone is ready to hand off to it's new user. If you're new to AT&T and you're receiving the older version of the iPhone without a SIM card, you need to go into the AT&T store, and they'll give you a SIM card.

    If there is a SIM card in that iPhone, then you'll need to activate your iPhone on iTunes, if you have the old iPhone and you have purchased a new 3G model, you don't have to do anything with your SIM card to get your contacts on your new 3G iPhone. Simply sync to iTunes, just as you would with your old phone, your contact should be backed up on your computer. If you're upgrading to the iPhone 3G and you have AT&T service, and you have a 3G SIM card in your old phone, to transfer your contacts to your new iPhone, simply take the 3G SIM card out of your old phone and install it in your new iPhone. Replace the 3G SIM card that's in the iPhone.

    If you were an AT&T customer before and you have a 2G SIM card, go ahead and take that out of your old 2G phone, you're going to want to take the 3G SIM card out of your new iPhone, keep it, because we are going to be replacing it in just a second. So what you want to do is take your old 2G SIM card, and put it in your new 3G iPhone.

    Once you have installed the SIM card from your old AT&T phone, you're going to want to select Settings, Mail/Calendar/Contacts, Import SIM Contacts, SIM Import. Now keep in mind, when you're doing this, if you have two different phone numbers for people, say if you have a mobile phone number, and a home phone number, it's only going to transfer the first number on there. So I suggest you take your old phone and write down any contacts that may have two numbers for them. You'll be able to enter these easily into Address Book or into your new iPhone. Then go ahead and transfer as many phone numbers as you can.

    When putting the 3G SIM card back into the iPhone, you want to match up the SIM card with the housing, to the left is the button that you actually pushed with your paper clip or pin, and you can line it up with that, slide it back into your iPhone.

    Next, if you're transferring a non-AT&T phone, that didn't have a SIM card, you should go to an AT&T location and they'll be able to do this for you.

    If you had a device like a BlackBerry, they can transfer your contacts at an AT&T store as well. You're going to jump start on importing contacts, if you have a Gmail account you can go there, export to a vCard format, that's the one that Address Book uses, go ahead and export, it will automatically ask you to open with Address Book, you can do that and then you just click on the Import button, it automatically opens address, but just import them, and then you've got a bunch of contacts all ready to go on your new iPhone 3G.