How to Use an Airbrush-Masking Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Tony Moore demonstrates how to do masking techniques.

    Tony Moore: Hi, I am Tony Moore, with Fraser Street publications. Today we are showing you how to use an airbrush and in this segment we'll be showing you masking techniques.

    I have frisk film right here and this is what we are going to use as a masking agent. Simply peel the film from the packing and we'll be placing it on the bristol board which we will be masking out. Press down and pull any air bubbles that you may have out to the edge.

    Now that our frisk film is down nice and tight without any bubbles, we want to draw a circle that's going to be our geometric mask. I like to use the lid from a boiler, it's really easy to hold on to. Place it on your film and with a pen, draw your circle all the way around.

    Now that we have drawn our circle, remove the lid, take your X-acto knife and carefully trace the outline. Remember not to press too hard. You don't want to cut through your board, you just want to cut through the masking film. Then once we've cut out the shape, pull the inner film completely off, perfect shape and we've just created a mask.

    In our next segment we'll be airbrushing a geometric shape.