How To Use Social Media For Your Job Search

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    President and CEO of Brian Alden discusses how to use social media for your job search.

    Brian Alden: The best way to land yourself a better job fast is to leverage every resource available to you. With the use of social media still on the rise, networking through your social pages has become a must for every job seeker.

    Start by sending a message to all your social network friends letting them know you are in the market for a new job. For those friends you had a long established trust with, ask them to put up feelers to their group of friends to gain insight into what companies are hiring from your extended network.

    You can also like specific pages to make yourself more visible to companies with employment opportunities. By liking major career sites or even topics such as unemployed and looking for work, businesses can better find you when running advertisements for their openings.

    Next, set up a page on a professional network. Think of your profile as a digital resume for anyone who might be interested in hiring you. After that, you can begin making connections.

    Ask for recommendations to be posted on your profile from anyone you may know or have done business with in the past. You can also send a bulk email to everyone in your network asking if they know of any job opportunities or if they can put you in touch with someone who could help.

    Twitter is another excellent resource for job searching. For basic networking, simply search topics to follow those with the same interest as you. You can also be the first to know about job openings at your favorite company by following their career page.

    Showcase your skillset by creating a bio for your account. Make sure your profile picture is professional looking and that your bio includes all of your work related talents and accomplishments.

    Remember, the more you manage your social pages, the more you will get out of it. Social media is all about communication and experimentation. Test out different approaches to learn what works best for you.