How to Use the iPhone 3G

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    iPhone expert Joshua Dubois demonstrates how to use the iPhone 3G.

    Josh Dubois: Hi! I am Josh Dubois and today we're talking about the 3G iPhone and the Software Release 2.0.

    With the affordability of the new 3G iPhone and the release of the 2.0 software for use on all iPhones, an incredible amount of new functionality is introduced to the millions of users new and old alike. With the advent of the Applications Store for the first time users will be able to install and run applications run by companies other than Apple with Apple's permission. What does this mean for you?

    In this video series I will go over almost all aspects of the new 3G iPhone and more important to the six million of you who already own that iPhone what to do with the new 2.0 software release. I will cover some basics for people switching, upgrading or selling their iPhone and take some baby steps learning to type of the iPhone's wonderful QWERTY keyboard interface.

    Next I will tackle the daunting task of accessorizing both old and new iPhones, then I will share with you just about everything not to do with your brand new iPhone to avoid having to replace it six times in the first year or ownership like myself. I will then cover some features available only to the new 3G model like the highly anticipated Maps with GPS function. Last but not least we will show you how to use the Application Store and I will give you an overview of some of my favorite applications. I hope that these videos will help you in the process of learning to love your new or old iPhone.