How to Wakeboard

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wakeboard Expert Billy Garcia demonstrates how to wakeboard.

    Billy Garcia: Hi, my name is Billy Garcia, Owner and Coach of Freeride Wakeboard School. Today, I am going to help you to get started in the wakeboarding. Some of the things we are going to go over is understanding a wakeboard equipment, how to get up on a wakeboard, how to edge back and forth on your wakeboard, your first beginner tricks, your first jump, and finally some key things to remember.

    Some of the key equipment you will need obviously is a wakeboard, a Coast Guard Approved vest and a non-stretch rope. Okay, before you get started, in order to be safe, you are going to need a good safe boat driver, a properly fitted wakeboard boot and board and some professional wakeboard instructions.

    I grew up waterskiing on the lakes since I was six years old, and I have been a Pro wakeboarder for 13 years. I am also two times Vans Triple Crown National and World Champion. Now let's get started, go over there and learn about your wakeboard equipment.