How to Wash a Baby’s Face

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Childcare Expert Marylou Tietz provides tips on how to wash a baby’s face.

    Marylou Tietz

    Marylou is Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE, FACCE) and Doula with over 28 years experience teaching prenatal classes in the Washington DC area in settings including the Bethesda Maternity Center, Kaiser Permanente, Georgetown University Hospital, Suburban Hospital, the Bethesda Naval Hospital, Discovery Communications, Seven Locks Detention Center and the Greentree Shelter for Women.

    During the summer months she operates the Baby Bed 'n Breakfast of Bethany Beach (<a></a>) where she offers private Lamaze classes coupled with an overnight stay in her oceanside Delaware beach house plus breakfast and lunch on her cozy back porch.

    Marylou has also served as President of the DC Chapter of Lamaze International since 1995 (<a></a>) during which time they have consistently been voted
    "Best Childbirth Classes" by the readers of Washington Families Magazine.

    Hi, I am Mary Lou Teitz with Lamaze International and I am showing you how to bathe your baby. Right now, I am going to show you how to wash your baby s face. Begin by covering your baby loosely with the hooded towel, so that the baby doesn t become chilled during the bathing process. Start by picking up one of the cotton balls and dipping it into the water and removing most of that water. Then take the cotton ball and sweep in gently from the inside corner of your baby s eye across to the outer corner and then discard that cotton ball.

    Pickup another cotton ball, dip that in the water and use that for the other eye again sweeping from the inside corner to the outside corner and discarding the cotton ball and now pat your baby s eyes generally dry. Pickup another cotton ball dip that in the water and squeeze the water out well. We are going to use one corner to clean each nostril. We don t want to drip water into the baby s nose. Take that corner and just gently clean the outer portion of your baby s nose and discard.

    Finally, pickup another cotton ball, dip it in the water, squeeze the water out and use that to wash your baby s face gently moving across the forehead, the cheeks, the upper part of the nose and across the chin, and discard that cotton ball. Now, pat dry very genteelly. Now, you are going to pickup your baby wash cloth, dip it in the water and squeeze the bulk of that water out.

    We are going to use this to wash your baby s ears, getting down in all of a little nooks and crannies where the baby s milk may have dribble out during a feeding and collected in those spaces to both ears and never ever use a cotton swab to clean the ears because that can be extremely dangerous. Babies have very short Eustachian tubes and there is a risk of injury. Use a dry corner of the towel or wash cloth to clean and dry those ears. We don t want to leave any moisture in there. That s how we wash your baby s face. Now, we are ready to move on and shampoo your baby s hair.