How to Water Ski – Proper Slalom Form

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Water skiing educator Steve Lohr demonstrates how to water ski and show proper slalom form.

    Steve Lohr: Hi, I am Steve Lohr from the Lohr's Lake in Sparta, Virginia and I am here to teach you how to water ski. We have now learned to ski on one ski by dropping a ski. Let's talk about the proper form. Firstly we want to make sure that our eyes are looking straight toward boat or toward the shoreline as opposed to down at the water. Thank you by keeping your head and your shoulders over your hips and your hips over your feet. In that way your body will be comfortable and yet in a position that can be balanced and you will be able to cross the wakes and ski more effectively on the Slalom ski. When we are first starting our on a slalom ski, it's very appropriate to hold them with both palms down as you get better on the slalom ski, you may wish to use the baseball grip which if you are a right foot forward, your right palm would be facing down and your left palm would be up. If you are left foot forward skier your left palm would be down and your right palm would be up. While skiing on a one ski you may want to practice going back and forth across the wakes perhaps say how many times you can cross the wakes in thirty seconds or going just outside the wake and advancing further right side and then coming back to the edge of the wake and then back again. Now that we have learned the proper form on a slalom ski, let's learn the water skiing deep water start on one ski .