How to Water Ski – Slalom Deepwater Start

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Water skiing educator Steve Lohr demonstrates how to water ski and how to slalom deepwater start.

    Steve Lohr: Hi, I am Steve Lohr from Lohr's Lake in Sparta, Virginia. Today we are going to teach you how to water ski. In this clip we are learning how to do the deep water start on one ski. The first decision to make while learning to get up on one ski is whether you want to do the one foot start or the two foot start. I suggest for adult males to try the one foot start where actually the other foot is dragged behind them, somewhat the way we talked about in dropping one ski. For children and women it maybe easier to actually put the back foot into the binder of the slalom ski. For a right foot forward skier be sure that the rope is on the left side and that the ski is angled slightly to the right so that you actually advance out of the water and be skiing slightly to the right of the boat wake. For a left foot forward skier it is exactly the opposite. We want to make sure that the boat advances so that the rope is tight and when the boat starts be sure to maintain your body position again with your arms straight and your knees very bent and maintain a rigid position so that the boat does not pull you forward or that you not pull it backwards.

    You have now learned the basics of the deep water start on one ski. We hope that, that will help to have many, many hours of enjoyable time on the water during what we think is a lot of fun, water skiing.