How to Wax Your Eyebrows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    An expert from Ana Visage Day Spa explains how you can wax your own eyebrows.

    LaVerne Onike

    Ana Visage Academy has been providing quality education for 10 years and serving the community for 20 years. We provide education through traditional classroom and clinical/internship experiences. Our teaching staff consists of highly trained professionals eager to provide students with quality instruction. An education at AVA gives students a competitive edge in their career fields. The mission of Ana Visage Institutes is to produce for the profession, knowledgeable and skilled individuals who will be able to master the art and science of Esthetics, Massage Therapy, Electrolysis, Make-up, Permanent Make-up and Body Treatments. By teaching exemplary public relations skills and excellent business techniques and practices the student, upon graduation, is adequately prepared to successfully make the transition into the workforce.

    Hi, this is Nahid Ghassemi, President, Founder, Director and of Ana Visage Spa Academy. We are in Great Falls Virginia serving metropolitan area Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia. We have been here since 1985 and training in massage, electrolysis, esthetic, waxing, and permanent makeup. We are here today to train upper lip waxing, bikini waxing, with the different steps and precautions and do it at home eyebrow waxing. Lavern is one of our graduates and she is going to be doing it for us. Let s give a start.

    Now what you are going to need is alcohol, baby powder, toner or astringent, some cotton ball, also an at home waxing kit and strips so that you can do this at home. You can take up any of these things or supplies at a local drug store pharmacist and let s get started.

    Now in the spa I am going to sanitize and wear gloves, but at home you don t have to do that, but it does help to prevent infection. It also does get messy, so whichever you choose. The first thing I am going to do is prep the area to be waxed. You want to remove all oils and dirt. So I am going to take a cotton ball and take an astringent toner spray on the cotton ball and wipe the area. So, next thing I am going to use is this powder, and you want to check the consistency of your wax, if it s too thick, it s harder to apply, and if it s too thin, it might too hot for yourself or your friend, if you are doing your friend at home. Okay, you dip your stick into the wax, slide the stick on the side of the wax based and to apply you are going to be applying in the direction of the hair, in a very thin layer. You are going to take your strip for your eyebrow which is just a little rectangular shape strip and apply it to the area, push in the direction that you put on, and for removal what we are going to do is, hold the skin tight, grab the end of the strip, with a quick motion, remove, and reapply. Pull the skin tight again, with the quick motion remove. Things to note is when you are removing, you want to keep your arm low, you don t pull off, but you pull down, so just a quick motion. If there is any wax left on, you can actually take a cotton ball with baby oil and remove left over wax. Now, the area maybe wet or inflamed, so you are going to use aloe vera to soothe the area, you can also apply it with a cotton ball and just rub that at the end. And viola! We are done.

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