How to Weather-Strip a Door

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Construction expert Joe Wise demonstrates how to weatherstrip a door.

    Joe Wise: Hi, I am Joe Wise, owner of Buildwise construction in Orlando, Florida. Now that we have had time for our prep work to dry, we can come back and put the weatherstripping on our doorstop. What we have chosen for this job today is a high density foam that has a peel and stick application. You want to make sure that the thickness of your material is the same as your stop and that you don't go too wide with it. Because if you go too wide, the door won't close properly when you got to close the door and when the door meets the stop. So what you want to do, is because this is your sticky side here, you want to start at the top, place your thumb in there and press on to the doorstop. You want to try to do this all in one piece so you get a good bind and you do not have areas that are going to pull off. So I am just going to go down the whole door. I am not going to stretch this foam as you notice while I am doing this. If you stretch it, it tends not to seal properly or stick properly. You just want to lay it in place and push it in, put pressure on it. When you get down to the bottom of your door, you can just take a regular pair of scissors, measure where you want to cut and cut it, like that. Continue to press this in place until it is stuck. Then what you want to do is peel and stick. Now you want to be careful not to pull this back off so you want to pull up instead of out until this is all in place, there. Now that will give you a nice, tight seal when you pull your door shut onto your doorstop. Well, that about completes it today on what we showed you on how to caulk and weatherstrip your home. We hope that the hints we have given you today had helped you and we will help you in your jobs around the house. Until next time, we will see you later.