How to Weatherstrip Your Windows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Kristin from Duck® brand provides various solutions and step-by-step instructions for weatherizing your windows. These techniques can be applied during the winter to keep the cold air out or the summer to keep the cool air in. This video is designed for light to intermediate DIYers looking to save money and energy through window insulation, and includes an overview of the tools and materials needed, including window kits and weatherstrip seals.

    Christine: Hi! I am Christine with the Duck Brand, and today I'll show you several different ways to save money and energy by weatherizing your windows. One option is to use the window kit.

    There are several different varieties of window kits you can use, from pre-taped Roll-On film to a general shrink film. With Roll-on window kits there is a pre-taped backing that allows for easy application to the top of the window frame.

    General shrink film requires double-sided tape to be applied to all sides. There are interior and exterior versions available as well as different sizes for most windows and patio doors.

    Before you begin be sure to clean all surfaces with alcohol to ensure the double-sided tape sticks of the window frame. Cleaning the frame with a multipurpose cleaner or other solvents make the tape to come off after insulation.

    To apply the film place the tape's edge to the top of the window frame and unfold towards the bottom. Once unfold make sure all size are right here to the double-sided tape and that no gaps remain, then simply blow-dry tight to remove all wrinkles.

    This will leave you with a crystal-clear film that prevents draughts from entering your home or from air-escaping. If you use an air conditioning unit in your window, AC seals can help prevent energy loss and the gaps between the unit and window frame.

    They help seal out the summer heat and keep the cool air in, or keeping to minimize vibration and noise. To install the AC seal, simply measure and cut the foam to the length of the unit. Raise the window and then place the foam seal between the AC and the window. Lower the window to compress the foam and create a tight seal.

    Another form of window weatherization are foam seals. Foam seals keep out draughts and humidity as well as dust, pollen, and insects. As with any weatherstripping application make sure to properly clean your window frame.

    To apply remove the paper backing, place the foam seal onto the frame and cut to size. By following these easy tips you can ensure that the windows in your stay draught free by saving you money and energy.

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