How to Winterize a Car

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ed Kriston and Jeffrey Boone from AAA, Mid-Atlantic’s approved auto repair department demonstrate how to winterize a car.

    Ed Kriston: Hi ! I am Ed. Jeffrey Boone: And I am Jeff. We are AAA, Mid-Atlantic's approved auto repair department and we are at Purcellville TIRE & AUTO in Purcellville, Virginia. The AAA approved Auto repair shop.

    Ed Kriston: And today we are going to be talking about winterizing your vehicle and checking all the other systems that go along with it to try to make sure that you can go through the winter without having any problems. We will start that with going through brakes, basically looking at disk brake system and the ABS system on a vehicle. Then we will move on to looking at the engine fuel system and just going through what to look for during the winter time? to make sure that you are not going to have a problem during the winter. Then we will also go ahead and talk about the exhaust system on the car and all of the things that you should look for on it. And then we will do heaters, defrosters and wipers. Go through and just look at the parts of the system, talk about how they work together? And show you how to change a wiper blade.

    Jeffrey Boone: And then I will continue on. And we will check the cooling system on this vehicle. Also I will show you how to check the battery from main list items which you can do on your own. And then we will move on to the tires. I will show you how to inspect the tire? How to check the air pressure in the tire? And explain to you why this is important? After that I will move on and show you how to supply your car for winter driving? How to prepare the car with an emergency kit? That will help in case you are stranded along the road during winter.

    Ed Kriston: And I will do tips on surviving a roadside breakdown. Giving you tips and ideas on how to survive if it happens and give you some other ideas along with that. And he told me to do anything that we have discussed today are available at your local auto parts store.

    Jeffrey Boone: And remember safety first. Anytime working on an automobile make sure that you protect your eyes, put safety glasses, that you protect your suffering harm and injury by making sure you have no loose clothing or baggy clothing that could get entangled in machinery. Keep you fingers, hands, arms out of moving parts. Never work on a hot engine. And anytime you are working on a vehicle and jacking it up, make sure you use jack stands.

    Ed Kriston: And before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about AAA. Jeff and I are with the approved Auto repair department. We are looking for the better shops in the area that take care of their customers to become AAA approved auto repair shops. Jeffrey Boone: We are only looking for the top of the line shops. Not every shop can cut the grave when it comes to AAA approved auto repair. So if you see the sign upfront, you can trust and rely on them to take care of your cars to your needs. We also handle travel, insurance, and financial services.

    Ed Kriston: And with 3.

    7 million members in the AAA Mid-Atlantic area, 50 million members nation-wide, we are AAA, use it for all, it's worth.

    Jeffrey Boone: Now let's get started.