How to Winterize a Chainsaw

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Gillis of TTI,one of the world’s largest manufacturers of outdoor power equipment, demonstrates how to winterize a chainsaw.

    Kevin Gillis: Hi! I am Kevin Gillis with TTI and today we are talking about winterizing gas outdoor power tools. Right now we are going to be taking about winterizing our Gas Chainsaw. Now this unit is very similar to your string trimmers and your blowers, it is a two is a two cycle engine. So the first thing we are going to want to do is we are going to want to remove all the gas from the unit itself. So what I am going to do is again I am going to, gas can, so I have my gas tank here. So what we are going do is just we are going to empty it into a funnel. Actually, this is going to entangle this a little bit. This is a little trickier than the string trimmer. Okay, alright, now once we have all the gas out of the gas tank, we again going to press down on our primer bulb here because you could see we have some residual gas. So I am just going to get it back with tilting that residual gas. Alright, so now we have no more gas in the unit. What we are going to do? We are going to try to it start it. I want to get all that gas washed out so we are going to put it in a half choke. Again refer to your users manual. This one actually is just a two step start but some of them have a three step start. So we want to have an half choke and make sure it is in the ON position. Now it may sound like it is going to start, this one obviously has no gas in it. If it does sound like that just let it run until the gas totally is, totally cleaned from the unit, it actually die out. So next thing we are going to want to do is actually we are going to want to take the bar and chain oil out. Okay, so what we are going to do? I am going to actually put it back in, put it into just a plastic receptacle if you want to hold on to it or you can actually put it into the bar and chain oil that you, the container that it came in. So I am just going to open this up here and we are going to put our funnel here. I unscrew now. We have removed the gas, now it is a gas oil mix, this is again a two cycle engine so we have gas oil here and your bar and chain oil to lubricate the chains. We just want to get rid of that for the season so I am going to pull that out. Okay, here we go. Now that is all out. I have my rag here, just going to wipe it down. The reason we take the bar and chain oil all out is because bar and chain oil for a chainsaw will leak. So coming next season you are just going to come to a base we have oil mess if you leave it in this so I am going to drain that out. Wipe it down here. Okay, so once that is done then we are going to have to add oil. Again we have got rid of our gas and oil mixture so now there is no oil in the unit. We are going to have the add some two cycle oil mix to the unit. Again that we will be put through the spark plug port which we have to take the top housing off. Most chainsaws do come with a scrench like this one here but you can use just a flat head screwdriver to take it off but again, you can refer to your owners manual for that. I am going pull my gloves off to begin taking off the top cover housing. Again refer to your owners manual depending on how to housing is put on this. So we are just going to loosen these up here. Now let us take a look at the air filter. Again what I have to do here? Just loosen this up, like up there we go, we are just going to pop it off, we are going to take a look at it. See if there is any dust or debris. This one here only is a paper filter so if there is any any debris or it is looking like it is clogged up, you are going to want to a replacement filter from any home improvement warehouse. Now if it is a foam filter. So I have this one right here, you can actually bring it inside and just wash it with some warm water and soap. Let it dry throughly and I put it back in there. So this filter is looking pretty clean so what we will do now? We will put this aside and we will take a look at the spark plug. Let us pop that boot off right here. And we will just loosen it up, and once we are back locking up released, we can pull it out, take a look at it, see if it is spoiled or if it has any damage to it. If it is, if there is a problem with spark plug, you definitely want to replace it before next season because you do not want to leave this open to collect dust and debris throughout the winter month. So this spark plug looks good. What we want to do now? We want to actually add some two cycle oil. Now that we have got rid of all of our gas oil mixture sure, there is no oil in there to lubricate the components. So we just going to take this right here and I am just going to pop this up at an angle, there we go couple of drops like that. We have a little spillage there, I will just wipe that all. Okay, and we are all set. We will place our spark plug. Now we just give it a one tightened down so we can tighten down on that. Then washed washer there we go, put the boot back on, then we are going to put our air filter back in there. Okay, so now we will put our housing back on. Wind up your screws, we are good. All we are going to do is we are going to remove our clutch cover to get to our sprockets so we can oil it. What I am going to do? I am going to put my gloves on because I may have contact with the chain as I am doing this. Alright, so let us remove the clutch cover here. Okay, here we go and at this point what I would like to do? I going to take the bar and chain totally out so we had access to the sprocket. So we will set that aside. Now that we have the bar and chain out, what I will do is I will add some bar and chain lubricant to the sprockets. Now that we have got all the bar and chain lubricant added here, we do not want it to collect any dust or debris. So actually what I will do is I will put down a rag right here to place that on there and I will grab my bar and chain oil, kind of actually I could probably just put it on my glove there and just spin it around so that way we are lubricating the sprocket. So it will be good for next season. Okay, so once we are done with that now we just want to put the bar and chain back on the unit and get our clutch cover back on so we have a fully assembled unit ready to go for next season. So here I wind up it is in there, what I am going to do is put my clutch cover back on here. We want to make sure that actually it is nice and tight, next season. Tighten down the clutch cover and we are done. Now we have winterized our Chainsaw. Next we are going to show you how to winterize a lawn mower.